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The Soap Is A Lye

2022 Zodiac Candles - Online Only

2022 Zodiac Candles - Online Only

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During 2022 I had an offering of Zodiac Candles. All candles utilized wooden wicks and Coconut/Coconut Apricot Soy wax. Scents were inspired by my friends of those signs and the sign themselves. Over the year there were demands for other signs and I  did my best to find everything.

These last ones are on sale! Originally these 16 oz candles were sold for $35.00, now they're on sale for $20! This sale is only online.


Cancer Mug in Black-  Sweet Undertones of soft floral and tropical paradise with fresh alluring fruity Notes

Cancer Mug in White- Blue Mica is dusted on the top for this water sign. The scent of this candle is fresh and clean.

Gemini in White Mug- Gold Mica shines on the top for this air sign. Because July is the start of Blueberry Season, this candle smells like sweet blueberry cobbler. All my Gemini LOVE dessert.

Leo in White Mug- Fire signs are usually passionate and can come off a little strong, this candle reminds me of vintage perfumes where summer and passion come to play.

Taurus in Black Mug- A mix of blueberry, white freesia, wild grapes, pomegranate, lilies, magnolia, green vines, cashmere and a sweet violet is the perfect mix for the middle of spring.

Capricorn in Black mug- Ylang Ylang, Sandalwood, lime and tonka give life to this beautiful candle. It is sweet and down to earth but warm for those cold winter nights.

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